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CPU Features - Security

System malware (viruses) rely on programming techniques that fool the system into bypassing normal installation and use.  Modern operating system have been designed in tandem with newer hardware to prevent not just a particular virus software but the entire set of techniques used to fool the system.   Older operating systems and older hardware designs did not support many of these more modern features, so virus protection was done by chasing each individual code after it had been discovered.   These features that prevent the entire method of making viruses will only work if both a modern operating system( Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10) and modern hardware is used.


Some of the security features supported by Win 7 / 8.1 / 10 and newer hardware  include:

Trusted Execution Platform - An encrypted code that prevents viruses from running on a system by identifying if they were not initially installed from within the operating system.

Address Space Randomization Layout  - Allows for a randomization of the order and locations of executions within the code.  This prevents malware from predicting the location or order of an operation.

Digital Installation Signature - Allows applications to receive an encrypted signature that the installation was made by the user from within the operating system.

Early Launch Anti-Malware Identification - Prevents the modification and changes to the boot files of the host operating system and prevents initialization of un-authorized code.

Execute Disable / Execute Never Bit - Prevents viruses from running code in an unused address space or overloading buffers.



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