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We sell only full specification Kingston / Crucial / Samsung brand memory that is guaranteed 100% compatible with your motherboard and is true speed rated memory, not overclocked, over-volted, or modified in any way. Our memory has full native timing support by your memory controller and will function properly in single or multi-channel mode. 

 Memory Amount For very very basic use, 2GB of memory will allow a system to boot-up, 4GB will give a basic normal functionality, and 8GB or 16GB are now the standard amount of memory in a modern system. For power users  32GB, 64GB or more memory is a good option.

DDR4 Memory - What To Look For:
If you are looking in other places for memory, you should be aware that automatically, any memory that shows a speed higher than DDR4-2666 is an overclocked part, because the highest speed chips made by any DRAM manufacturer is 2666MHz. Also, any DDR4 part that runs over 1.2 Volts is an over-volted part, because all DDR4 DRAM chips are 1.2V. Over-clocked DDR4 parts are typically based on the slowest / least expensive DDR4-2133 chips because virtually no one can do the math to calculate the net effects of modifying the sub cas latency, leadoff, and pre-charge timings of the part. Over-volted parts (any DDR4 over 1.2V) can damage the board over time and typically can not run in multi-channel mode.

The parts that list a speed over 2666MHz use a trick of slowing the internal latency timings to allow for increasing the frequency. This is like raising the maximum RPMs of a car engine, but compensating by only firing only 5 of the 8 cylinders on each revolution. This strategy makes the user think the part is faster, but will typically reduce total system performance even though the frequency is higher. If you buy memory from us, we will never sell you an overclocked module and every memory part we sell is true speed rated.

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